Relocation Service

More than just a move

By Relocation Service is called a service that offers a special care and support for our customers and their families, but also their employers, in addition to the proper removal by road transport, sea and air shipments, when a change of residence is imminent. The aim of this special service is to make the career start at your new job and entry into the new social environment as simple and comfortable as possible.

Our team supports and assists you with the orientation and acclimation to the new residence – whether you are going to move to Austria or to a country abroad. We are happy to help and offer amon other things following services:

  •     Complete organisation and coordination of your removal from door-to-door
  •     Searching a suitable hotel for a temporary accommodation
  •     Searching a suitable apartment or house according to your imagination
  •     Procurement of new residence confirmation and all other official channels
  •     Registration of your children in appropriate schools or kindergartens
  •     Opening a bank account to manage your finances
  •     Providing of sufficient information about your new hometown
  •     And much more …

Take advice, a relocator is pleased to visit your home personally for free! Together all open questions and issues for the upcoming removal and relocation service will be clarified and as soon as possible you receive our detailed quotation … of course customized to your individual conveniences and orientations.